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We are a Brazilian Pantanal tour operator located in Cuiabá, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso. We organize tours to the northern Pantanal, savannas and Amazon Rainforest. All tours depart from Cuiabá airport. We arrange accommodation including all meals, transfers, and tour guides. We organize photography Pantanal tour, birdwatching Pantanal tour and jaguar Pantanal tour. The company was created by Rizardo de Souza e Silva, who is a highly-experienced naturalist guide and tourism professional. Born in 1979 in Rondonia, Rizardo graduated in 1999 from the Technical School of Mato Grosso, where he graduated with a degree in tourism and guiding.

After two years working for the Mato Grosso State Tourism board, Rizardo guided full time in English for the following two years at one of the most sophisticated ecotour lodges of the Pantanal.

In 2002, Rizardo immersed himself for seven months in an intensive German language course at the Institute for International Communication in Düsseldorf, Germany.  He then studied economics for three years at the University of Münster, Germany, and followed that with a year of intensive French language studies at the French Institute back in Düsseldorf.With all his travels and languages, Rizardo surely is the most international and well-travelled of the many outstanding naturalists who guide Naturetrek groups in Brazil.

From 2007 to the present day, Rizardo led naturalist tours in English, German, and French for the finest, most professional ecotour operators in the Pantanal. Beside guiding Jaguar tours, Rizardo currently is completing a degree in Public Adminstration at the Panamerican Institute of Cuiabá, Brazil. Because of all these experiences, Rizardo created and has been running Silva Tours Pantanal since 2014.

Pantanal Tour Silva Rizardo

Pantanal Tour Activities

Hiking: Our walks start before the sunrise and last two hours. Our guides are ready to meet you when the day is just beginning.  Hiking is the best way to watch birds, near the lodge or in the forests. 

Photo safari: These tours take from three to four hours, along the Transpantaneira and also on the private ways of the farms. On a night safari in the Pantanal we usually see tapirs, Anteaters, Anacondas, Foxes, Racoons, Deers, Armadillos, Coatis, Nighthawks, Night Herons, Caimen, Capybaras, Owls and Potoos.  

Horseback Riding: The horses are well trained. It lasts two hours. We start directly from the house and your guide and a local cowboy will be leading you all the time. The horses can walk through the swamps, taking you from marshes to dry fields and to forests so that you are able to go further and  see more animals. 

Boat drive: It lasts two hours, paddle boat trips usually three hours. It is the most practical activity in the Pantanal. The motor boat takes you further and we can see more wildlife along the river,  such as otter’s holts, Catfish nests and Kingfisher nests. Using the paddle boat instead of the motor boat makes you watch the river more deeply and hear more from nature.  We usually see five types of Kingfishers, Cormorants, Anhingas, Hawks, Jabirus, Herons, Otters, Capybaras, Caimen and many others.  

Jaguar tour: This is our speciality. We have a specialized team working in Porto Jofre. Our guides and boat drivers are really well trained to spot these wild cats. We spot them on the river banks, swimming, climbed up trees, or just resting under trees or bushes and often hunting along the rivers. We usually do two outtings per day, four hours after breakfast and four hours ater lunch.

Pantanal Tour Toco Toucan
Pantanal Tour Whistling Heron


Silva Tour Pantanal

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