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Pantanal jaguar

Pantanal Jaguar in its natural habitat

Pantanal Jaguar in its natuaral habitat!

Porto Jofre is the name of a small village of fishermen by the Cuiaba river in Pantanal, Brazil. The local people noticed the presence of jaguars everytime when they were fishing. Soon the news spread in the farms of Pantanal where tourists were already doing activities like bird watching, and photographing animals of all kinds. Tourists could see every type of animals, but the jaguar and the reason is simple.
Farmers raise zebus in those areas, a species of cattle used to for the meat industry.

Because of its abundance in prey and for being protected by law. The national park of Pantanal has become the best place in the world to see the Pantanal Jaguar living in the wild. The probability is around 90% of the days, from june to November.

The best time to see these cats are during the day. Tours start early morning at 07:00 am. You can split it in two outtings. After breakfast 4 hours outting and after lunch from 2:00 pm till 6:00 pm.

In Porto Jofre there are only a few lodges and boats  offering accomodations for these tours. Prices depend on accomodation and type of Boat, engine power. It’s devided in a regular speed, fast and super fast boats.

The observations are along the river. We can spot these felids hunting for prey like Capybaras and Caimen. Sometimes they are swiming across the river, or just laying under a tree. You can also spot them mating, or see a mother playing with one or two cubs. You can also watch them fighting with a family of Giant Otters. Eating or dragging a prey up to the rivers edge. There are a million reasons to photograph them. Visit Pantanal and help the conservation of their natural habitat!

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