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Group tours in Pantanal

Group tours in Pantanal

Firstly, group tours in Pantanal are an opportunity for tourists to visit the Pantanal, paying less money. In fact, the lodges are very good. The rooms have not only, air conditioning but aslo, hot shower. Apart from, the delicious food, you have a play ground, with swimming pool. Unlike, the private tours, transport is shared with the members of the group. Be that as it may, this is the right choice, If you wish to visit the Pantanal with a group. Basically, the Maximum number of people is ten and the minimum is six. With this in mind, we organize your acommodation, transportation, guide, and activities . Although, the tours are in one language, our guides can be multilingual. They can speak for instance, english, german, spanish or French. Furthermore, you will get your bird list in your mother language.

Group tours in Pantanal.

Of course, there are a few lodges along the Transpantaneira Park road in the Pantanal. In essence, they are very interesting.  some lodges are in higher areas, contrarily, some others in lower areas.  Consequently, they have different kinds of wildlife. Some animals from gallery forests, so as to, the swamps and marshes of lower areas. Obviously, they are a few kilometres away from the road. Due to, the distance from the main road, they are quiet and less dusty. 

Group tours in Pantanal.

Some lodges have a river. We make boat tours, in order to, watch birds like, Kingfishers, Toucans, Hawks etc. Beyond that, we may also see Otters, jaguars, Tapirs, Monkeys and several other species of animals. In those lodges, in like manner, you can go birdwatching in the forests. As well as, hiking or horseback riding in the fields of the farm.

Group tours in Pantanal
Group tours in Pantanal

Group tours in Pantanal.

Undoubtedly, the best way to watch Jaguars in a group tours in Pantanal, is to go to Porto Jofre. In the same fashion, we organize acommodations, all meals and boat drives. Most important, we want to make of your tour a pleasent experience. On Jaguar tours we watch wildlife of many kinds. However, we are focused on spotting mainly jaguars. In either case, we are flexible to your needs. If everyone in the group agrees, we can stop to watch  and photograph all kinds of wildlife too. 


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