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To begin with, this paragraph, I want to intoduce myself. My name is Rizardo Silva. I have been working as a tour guide in the Pantanal since 1999. althogh, I organize Pantanal itineraries since 2007. On the whole, I have gained experiences from all the tours I have guided in the past years. In the meantime, I have learned to organize tours. Further, I arrange transport, lodges, and I have learned to choose the best guides. Most important, I organize the tours with responsability. Above all, I try to make the best to make my clients dream come true. In the same way, I always put attention in the safety of the passangers. Off course, I look farward to see my clients smiling and thankful. In fact, your hapiness is the success of my job! In other words, I wish my clients the best time in the Pantanal.

Pantanal itineraries.

Basically, the drive to Pocone lasts 1,5 hour. This is a town in the end of civilization, consequently, the very beginning of the Transpantaneira Park Road. Further, the drive to the lodges will be on a dirt road. It is very interesting, because, we will see a lot of wildlife. As soon as, we drive in the road a bunch of animals will show up. In other words, the drive turns into a photo safari. At this point, you will pass by some bridges full of birds and caimans. For instance, you may see Woodstorks, Egrets, Herons and Ibis. Surely, there are a few lodges along the Transpantaneira. Indeed, we will take the best ones, depending on availibility. In case, we start with a lodge at the begining of the road, we make a short safari in the first day. Consequently, a longer safari on the second day.

Pantanal itineraries activities.

​We do relaxing activities, for example, hiking, boat drives, horse riding, paddle boat and photo safaris. Overall, the activities are before sunrise, after breakfast, after Siesta and after dinner. In addition, we have developed different types of tours. Firstly, we made a basic tour, visiting one single lodge for 2 nights. Secondly, we made a more complete, similarly, in one single lodge, however, for 3 nights. A third one is a combination of two lodges for 4 nights. The fourth one is a combination of two lodges, but, for 5 nights, in order to, visit two different environments. For the purpose of, spending more time, feeling the environment and relaxing. The fifth tour is a combination of three different lodges for 6 nights. Finally, the sixth tour is a seven night package combining three different lodges. In this case, you experience three different environment.

Pantanal itineraries structure.

In general, Pantanal tours can be devided in two different kinds. At first, we offer regular wildlife tours in the private properties of farmers on the Transpantaneira. These lodges are very confortable. They own hot showers, air conditioning, swimming pool and play grounds. Secondly, we offer jaguar tours in the National Park of Pantanal. Not only the jaguar tours, but also the farms on the Transpantaneira are very important. Mammals, like Anteaters for exemple, inhabits dry areas next to Termite nests. Nevertheless, you can combine both tours, in order to do a richer experience.

Eye on eye with jaguars.

Obviously, the jaguar tour is the highlight of activities in the Pantanal. The boat trips in search of Jaguars start early. jaguars leave early to hunt. We have breakfast at 6:00 am, because the tour starts at 7:00 am and goes on until 11:00 am. We return for lunch at noon. At 14:00 hours the second part of the Pantanal jaguar tour begins, ending at 18:00 hours. Finally, the tourist has dinner at 7:00 pm and goes to rest. Because you need to get ready for the next day, looking for the cats. It is interesting to observe the behavior of these cats as they hunt. They are at the top of the food chain in our biome and hunt mainly capybaras and alligators. We often find jaguars lying down resting on the banks of rivers. They are well used to tourist boats. That's why it's easy to photograph them!

Pantanal itineraries in Porto Jofre.

Porto Jofre is a small ville at the end of the Transpantaneira. In 1977, when the road was built, many fisherman moved to this area. Formerly, the only touristic activity there, was fishing. Now a days, the most tourists go there to spot Jaguars. In conclusion, For nature and wildlife lovers. I can say, that the jaguar tour is the most interesting wildlife experience visitors can make in Brazil. Whitout a doubt, the northern Pantanal in the state of Mato Grosso is the best place to do it. Up to the presrent time, Porto Jofre is the best location to go. To sum up, this smal ville, offers accommodations and all the supports for tourists.

Pantanal Itineraries.

Pantanal Itineraries

Pantanal 2 nights / 3 days

Pantanal itineraries

Pantanal 3 nights / 4 days

Pantanal itineraries

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Pantanal 5 nights / 6 days

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