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Pantanal Touren - Silva Tour Pantanal - Group touren ins Pantanal


Pantanal Touren

Enjoy it with a group!

Pantanal Touren - Silva Tour Pantanal - Group touren ins Pantanal

These Pantanal touren are an opportunity for tourists to visit the Pantanal paying less money. The lodges are very good, and the food is excellent. Transport is shared on a van. If you wish to discover the beauties of the Pantanal in a shared group this is the tour you need to choose. The Maximum number of people in the group is ten and the minimum is six. We organize your acommodation, tour guide, all meals, safaris and boat drives. The tours are guided in only one language, english, german, spanish or French. Bird list will be offered in your mother language.

Pantanal Touren in beautiful places.

There are a few lodges along the Transpantaneira Park road in the Pantanal. They are very interesting lodges because some are located in higher areas and others in lower areas, and a few kilometres away from the road, being quiet and less dusty. They show wildlife of different habitats, some of gallery forests because of the tall trees and also of swamps and marshes of lower areas.

Pantanal Touren

Some lodges have a river where we make motor or paddle boat tours to watch lots of birds like anhingas, Cormorants, Kingfishers, Toucans, Hawks, Herons and storks. We may also see Giants Otters, Lesser River Otters, Tapirs, Monkeys and several other species of animals. At the lodges you can also go birdwatching in the forests, go hiking or horseback riding in the swamps of the farms.

Pantanal Touren
Pantanal Touren

Pantanal Touren shared with a group!

An opportunity to watch Jaguars in the Pantanal National Park shared with a group is what many tourists choose to do in Porto Jofre. We organize acommodations, all meals and boat drives to make your tour a pleasent experience. On these tours we can watch wildlife of many kinds and off corse we are focused on spotting jaguars. We are flexible to your needs, you can talk to your tour guide, if everyonei in the group agrees, we can stop to watch and photograph other kinds of wildlife. 


Silva Tour Pantanal

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