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Pantanal tours

All our Pantanal tours begin in Cuiabá airport or hotel. Our guides will be waiting for you at the airport or if you wish, you can spend a night in one of the best hotels of the city and our guides will pick you up the next day at 08:00 am.

Pantanal tours

The drive to Pocone takes 1,5 hours. This town is the end of civilization and the very beginning of the Transpantaneira Park Road. The drive from Poconé to the lodges is on a dirt road and is very interesting because we will see a lot of wildlife. We can see Caimen, Anacondas, Coatis, Rheas, Jabirus, Woodstorks, Spoonbills, Cormorants, Anhingas, Wood Rails, Chaco Chachalacas, Egrets, Herons, Ibis and many others, all at the beginning of your trip.

Pantanal tours activities

​We do activities like hiking, boat drives, horseback riding, paddle boat trips, photo safaris. These activities are early just before sunrise, after breakfast, from 08:00 to 10:30 am, after Siesta, from 03:30 to 06:00 pm and after dinner, from 08:00 to 09:00 pm. 
We have developed different types of Pantanal Tours. A basic tour, visiting one single lodge for 2 nights. The second is more complete, also in one single lodge but for 3 nights. The third one is a combination of two lodges for 4 nights. The fourth one is a combination of two lodges but for 5 nights, so you see two different environments with a little more time to get the feel of the place and relax. The fifth tour is a combination of three different lodges for 6 nights. You will experience three different environments. The sixth tour is a seven nights package combining three different lodges.

Pantanal tours

Include transfers in and out, all meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and naturalist tour guide.



Pantanal tour 2 nights / 3 days

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Pantanal tour 3 nights / 4 days


Pantanal tour 4 nights / 5 days


Pantanal tour 5 nights / 6 days

Tour Pantanal

Pantanal tour 6 nights / 7 days

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Pantanal tour 7 nights / 8 days


Silva Tour Pantanal

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