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Pantanal Trip bird list.

Pantanal trip bird list.

Pantanal trip bird list. This is a list of some of the birds you can find in the northern Pantanal.

Pantanal Trip!

American Pygmy Kingfisher 

Greater Rhea

Undulated Tinamou 

Red-Winged Tinamou 

Southern Screamer 

White-Faced Whistling-Duck 

Black-Bellied Whistling-Duck 

Muscovy Duck 

Boat-Billed Flycatcher 

Tropical Kingbird 

Piratic Flycatcher 

Swainson`s Flycatcher 

Brown-Crested Flycatcher 

Short-Crested Flycatcher 

Fork-Tailed Flycatcher 

Band-Tailed Manakin 

Helmted Manakin 

Black-Crowned Tityra 

Black-Tailed Tityra 

Rufous-Browed Peppershrike 

Ashy-Headed Greenlet 

Purplish Jay 

Southern Rough-Winged Swallow 

Brazilian Teal 

Red-Throated Piping-Guan 

Blue-Throated Piping-Guan 

Chaco Chachalaca 

Chestnut-Bellied Guan 

Bare-Faced Curassow 

Neotropic Cormorant 


Least Bittern 

Rufescent Tiger-Heron 

Boat-Billed Heron 

Black-Crowned Night-Heron 

Striated Heron 

Cocoi Heron 

Great Egret 

Zigzag Heron 

Capped Heron 

Snowy Egret 

Agami Heron 

Cattle Egret 

Whistling Heron 

Little Blue Heron 

Roseate Spoonbill 

Green Ibis 

Bare-Faced Ibis 

Plumbeous Ibis 

Buff-Necked Ibis 


Wood Stork 

Maguari Stork 

Turkey Vulture 

Lesser Yellow-Headed Vulture 

Black Vulture 

King Vulture 


Snail Kite 

White-Tailed Kite 

Pearl Kite 

Gray-Headed Kite 

Swallow-Tailed Kite 

Crane Hawk 

Great Black Hawk 

Savanna Hawk 

Black-Collared Hawk 

Roadside Hawk 

Southern Caracara 

Yellow-Headed Caracara 

Tropical Screech-Owl 

Ringed Kingfisher 

Amazon Kingfisher

Green Kingfisher 

Green-And-Rufous Kingfisher 

American Kestrel 

Laughing Falcon 

Bat Falcon 

Aplomado Falcon 


Gray-Necked Wood-Rail 

Purple Gallinule 



Black-Backed Stillt 

Pied Lapwing 

Southern Lapwing

Collared Plover 

Spotted Sandpiper 

Wattled Jacana 

Yellow-Billed Tern 

Large-Billed Tern 

Black Skimmer 

Picazuro Pigeon 

Pale-Vented Pigeon 

White-Tipped Dove

Plain-Breasted Ground-Dovea

Ruddy Ground-Dove

Scaled Ground-Dove 

Picui Ground-Dove 

Blue Ground-Dove

Long-Tailed Ground-Dove 

Hyacinth Macaw 

Blue-And-Yellow Macaw 

Red-And-Green Macaw 

Yellow-Collared Macaw

Peach-Fronted Parakeet 

Blue-Crowned Parakeet 

White-Eyed Parakeet 

Monk Parakeet

Nanday Parakeet 

Yellow-Chevroned Parakeet 

Scaly-Headed Parrot

Blue-Fronted Parrot 

Greater Ani 

Smooth-Billed Ani 

Little Cuckoo 

Guira Cuckoo 

Squirrel Cuckoo 

Great Potoo 

Common Potoo 

Band-Tailed Nighthawk 

Nacunda Nighthawk


Scissor-Tailed Nightjar 

Great Horned Owl 

Burrowing Owl

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl 

Brown-Chested Martin 

White-Winged Swallow 

Barn Swallow

Gray-Breasted Martin 

Black-Capped Donacobius 

Fawn-Breasted Wren 

Buff-Breasted Wren 

Moustached Wren

Southern House Wren 

Thrush-Like Wren 

Creamy-Bellied Thrush 

Pale-Breasted Thrush 

Rufous-Bellied Thrush 

Chalk-Browed Mockinbird

Red-Crested Cardinal

Yellow-Billed Cardinal

Silver-Beaked Tanager 

Gray-Headed Tanager 

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Swallow-Tailed Hummingbird 

Glittering-Bellied Emerald 

Gilded Sapphire 

Glittering-Throated Emerald 

Cinnamon-Throated Hermit 

Blue-Crowned Trogon 

Blue-Crowned Motmot 

Rufous-Tailed Jacamar

Black-Fronted Nunbird 

Toco Toucan 

Chestnut-Eared Aracari 

White Woodpecker 

Green-Barred Woodpecker 

Campo Flicker 

Lineated Woodpecker 

Crimson-Crested Woodpecker 

Little Woodpecker 

White-Wedged Piculet 

Pale-Crested Woodpecker 

Golden-Green Woodpecker 

Pale-Legged Hornero 

Rufous Hornero

Rufous-Fronted Thornbird 

Greater Thornbird 

Gray-Crested Cachalote 

Chotoy Spinetail 

Yellow-Chinned Spinetail 

Rusty-Backed Spinetail 

Narrow-Billed Woodcreeper 

Red-Billed Scythebill 

Straight-Billed Woodcreeper 

Buff-Throated Woodcreeper 

Great Rufous Woodcreeper 

Olivaceous Woodcreepeer 

Great Antshrike 

Barred Antshrike 

Band-Tailed Antbird 

Mato Grosso Antbird 

Large-Billed Antwren 

Plain Antvireo 

Vermillion Flycatcher 

Common Tody-Flycatcher 

Gray Monjita 

White-Rumped Monjita 

Black-Backed Watter-Tyrant 

White-Headed Marsh-Tyrant 

Cattle Tyrant 

Rusty-Margined Flycatcher 

Great Kiskadee 

Lesser Kiskadee 

Palm Tanager

Sayaca Tanager 

Buff-Throated Saltator 

Grayish Saltator 

Saffron Finch 

Solitary cacique

Yellow-Rumped Cacique 

Crested Oropendola

Orange-Backed Troupial

Epaulete Oriole 

Chopi Blackbird 

Scarlet-Headed Blackbird 

Bay-Winged Cowbird 

Giant Cowbird 

Shiny Cowbird 

Masked Gnatcatcher 

Yellowish Pipit 


Rusty-Collared Seedeater

Flavescent Warbler 

House Sparrow 

Forest Elaenia 

Pantanal trip

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