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If you wish to make a Pantanal agency, you are in the right page. In fact, Silva Tour Pantanal is organizing naturalistic tours since 2014. If you have any questions about the trip, forthwith, we will answer and try clarify your doubts.  By and large, we give all information about booking hotels, transfers and guides. thus, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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A Pantanal agency contact is quick and simple by sending us an e-mail, or filling in the formular.In the meantime, I explain a little about this place. 

The Pantanal is undoubtedly, the largest wetlands in the world. All in all, It is located in the middle of South America. Furthermore, 80% of the whole area is in Brazil. Altogehter, Its range is 240.000 square kilometres. Similarly, the size of Great Britain. As I have said, Brazil owns the majority of its area. Beyond that, the neighbours, Boliva and Paraguay shares 20% of the swamps. That´s  why you should make a reservation with our Pantanal agency in Brazil.

Pantanal agency.

You have to take note that, Cuiaba is the capital of Mato Grosso. Unquestionably, It is the main entrance for this wildlife Paradise. Nevertheless, It is a 100 kilometres away from the Transpantaneira road. Surprisingly, this dirt road was built only in 1977. It is basically, 150 kilometres long. Thereafter, farmers  turned their houses into lodges to accomodate visitors coming from all over the world. In the meantime, has become the main attraction in Brazil for wildlife lovers. It became a secret point not only for photographers and birdwatchers, but also, for naturalistic tourists and fishermen . 

Overall, If you want to make a trip with our Pantanal agency. In this ecosystem, you will find a large variety of fauna and flora. To clarify, there are over 600 bird species. There are also, mammals like, Tapirs,  Anteaters, Otters, and Jaguars. Besides, you can see repiteles like, Caimans and the Anacondas. All these animals can be found during a Pantanal trip,  concurrently in this great natural wildlife Park

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Evidently, If you decided to make a tour through our Pantanal agency, you will be living an experience in the mains rivers of Pantanal. They are the Paraguay and the Cuiaba river. The State park Encontro das Águas is in fact, in neat Porto Jofre by the Cuiaba river, at the end of the Transpantaneira. This place is the home of the Jaguars. Notwithstanding, Jaguars and Giant Otters live wild and free in this area. From june to november, is the high season. Despite, most of tourists visit Pantanal in the highseason, the low season is a good time to see jaguars too. It is just amazing! As a matter of fact, Pantanal is paradise for birdwatchers, nature lovers and naturalistic tourists. The Ecotourism is definitelly the best way to preserve it. Make your booking with our Pantanal agency!