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Basically, this blog page is about the Pantanal news. Also, reviews and all the updates. Here you might be able to find the most recent reviews from our clients. Of Course, many of our clients are very happy to visit this wonderful place. They report their experience on Google or even on Tripadvisor. We like to enphasize how import is for any tourist. Before going on a trip to read not only, the good reviews but also the negative ones. Most importantly, this information is important to control if the Company is answering the clients back. This must be a sign that the agency is responsible and cares about their clients. Reading the answer of the company also allows you to see both sides of the coin. In essence, Silva tour Pantanal team wishes you the best experience of your life!

Pantanal safari photography
Pantanal tour news
Pantanal safari photography

Pantanal news.

Here, Our local tour agency brings the news and the last updates about the Pantanal. After many years working as a tour guide. Rizardo Silva got able to gather many information about the beautiful ecosystem of the Pantanal. Moreover, he decided to set them together on his own website and social medias. At the same time, this must be helpful. For tourists who are searching for the best experience travelling to the brazilian northern Pantanal. The Pantanal news blog, is the right tool for all kind of tourists. For those who are researching materials about tourists who have already made such an experience. Equaly, for those who made experiences along the Transpantaneira. As well as, in other areas. Like, Porto Jofre, Barão de Melgaço, Cáceres by the Paraguay river or in the Amolar region. 

In sum, the Pantanal news, will help people from all over the world. Even more, they will get updates and information about tour agencies, lodges, activities, wheather conditions, etc. 

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