Porto Jofre is the jaguar land.

jaguar tour

Porto Jofre

Night safari.

As the night comes and the heat subsides, the night before we drove to Porto Jofre, we went on a jeep safari in the fields of the farm. We saw Marsch Deers, Peccaries, Capibaras. After that, we went on a night safari in search of anteaters and tapirs. This time we saw a Brazilian rabbit, many Cayman eyes in the ponds. Finally, we saw the Brazilian tapir not far from the Pousada.

The next day, we went for a morning walk. We saw a pair of Great Horned Owls which were absolutely amazing. Back from the hike we went to the bird feeder where we saw more than 14 types of birds, capuchin monkeys and a flock of South American coatis. Among the birds were the Toco Toucan and the Brown-eared Aracari, beautiful.

After breakfast we went for a walk in the forest and visited a 35 meter high tower where we had a beautiful overview of the region. The next step is the drive to Porto Jofre.

Porto Jofre

Jaguar experience.

After lunch we head to the Lodge in Porto Jofre for our Pantanal jaguar tour. We had dinner and the next day we took a ten-hour boat trip looking for jaguars. It was absolutely wonderful, we saw five jaguars. We saw for the first time a mother swimming and crossing the river to her calf who was already on the other side of the river. So she lay on a tree trunk by the river and was posing as a model for us.

Then we received a radio message that there was another jaguar hunting along the river and we immediately went to the area in Porto Jofre, where it was. We could follow her along the river and we saw the moment when she caught a hyacinth among the water hyacinths of the river.

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