How to pay for your Pantanal tour using Revolut


Nowadays, With Revolut, international payments became easier for travelers who wish to travel abroad and make all their transactions. 

On this article, I want to tell about my experience using Revolut.

Since many years working with wildlife in the tourist area I have always had lots of headaches when I needed to receive money from my clients. Banks have lots of bureaucracies when they have to wire money from one country to the other.

One day a polish tourist told me. Do you know Revolut? I said, yes I have hurd about it but never really used it.

He introduced it to me and after that moment everything became so much easier. Because, Revolut sends money from client to Client within one second. The money arrives instantly to your account. The best thing is that the fees are really low.

How to use Revolut

Firstly, You have to download Revolut app on your phone and sighn in to it. after that, you will create a Virtual debit card which you can use on your apple phone. Secondly, you can order for a physical card which I got delivered to my address within 5 days. Afterwards, you create your @Revtag that you can use to send to the person who is sending the money to you. All in all, you can use Revtag to find frieds easily, transfer money and chat on the app. Besides, you can use your revolut card as debit in several countries. You send money from your bank to Revolut and you spend money as debit card or you can withdraw money at the atms with a minimum cost.


On the Revolut app you can excange your money to the local currency. Basicaly, you will have a multi currency account. There´s no need to run to exchage houses. You can make it inside the app with a much better rate and then withdraw or pay as debit card at the local currency.

Revolut helps payments for Tours

As a tour operator, It was the end of a nightmare. Everytime I needed to receive money from my clients, It was the same story. Many times I had to go to the bank to talk to the manager because they were blocking me to receive the payments for many bureacratic reasons. Moreover, I lost time and money with these expensive rates from abuseve banks. Nowadays I receive the Payments for my Pantanal tours instantly. I give my clients my Revtag and they send me the money to my Revolut account, after that, I send the money to my business account in my country. 

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